Filling out little yellow forms

I wasn’t really paying attention. I was playing a word game with tiles on the table next to theirs. Outside the pub. A Friday evening in September. Children were running around, chasing, laughing. They were talking, the adults, that is, about the school system. Filling out forms in order to go off site. The teachers, […]

Your time, your space

“your time, your space”These are the words I use when my child client enters the room.They hear it at the start of every session.It is a reminder.This place is different.Has different rules.The basics are about not hurting : yourself, me, the toys – although accidents do happen (sometimes need to happen…) It is an invitation.To […]

Open studios

Open studios at Victoria Works these past few weekends. I decided to open my doors so people could come in and have a look. I explained that I am not an artist (in the pure sense of the word) but that I did make the partition wall myself, using templates of the old chair factory […]

Summer launch and workshops

Come and have a peek at my new space – for Play Therapy, for child-parent relationship workshops, and much more. All about a playful approach to emotional growth and enhanced relationships. Ask me about Play Therapy, or suggest a colour for the walls – will be great to see you there. I’ll be there this […]


blueboxandtail is a play therapy service established by Petro-Nelise Sollé in 2013. From early summer 2014, Petro will be providing therapeutic interventions in a dedicated playroom a few miles outside Stroud, in the lovely valley of Chalford. Her studio space sits in a newly renovated workshop, converted from an old chair factory, now called Victoria […]