Petro brings a playful approach to Parenting. Join her in the journey to enhance your relationship with your child. For parents of children 10 and under.

Child-Parent Relationship Programme

For parents. Build – or enhance – a mutually fulfilling relationship with your child. Learn and practise some of the skills that Play Therapists use in their work. No need to be the perfect parent at all times – the aim is to bring back the joy of playing, sharing and letting the child lead the way.

Feedback and discussions in a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere.

Commitment: Parent attends 10 weekly meetings (1.5 –2 hrs); homework consists of preparing a toolkit for special play-time sessions with your child of focus. Parent handbook and handouts provided plus videos and demonstrations of skills-in-action.


£30 – £50 per person x 10 sessions

Interested? Email Petro for a brochure.