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By Martin McDonagh

Whereas nonetheless in his twenties, the Anglo-Irish playwright Martin McDonagh has stuffed homes in ny and London, been showered with the theatre world's such a lot prestigious accolades, and electrified audiences together with his cunningly crafted and outrageous tragicomedies. With echoes of Stoppard and Kafka, his most recent drama, The Pillowman, is the viciously humorous and heavily worrying story of a author in an unnamed totalitarian nation who's interrogated concerning the ugly content material of his brief tales and their similarities to a couple of child-murders happening in his town.

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Sorry. TUPOLSKI. ) Okay, so, once upon a time there was this little deaf boy, couldn't hear anything, as is often the case with deaf boys. Oh yes, and it's set in China, so he was a little Chinese deaf boy. I don't know why I set it in China. Oh yes I do. I just like the look of those little Chinese kids, they're funny. ) Anyway, so he's walking home from someplace one time and he's walking along these railroad tracks that stretch for miles and miles across the plains, across the Chinese plains, y'know?

Into Heaven. KATURIAN. No. Into wherever. MICHAL. I like the Pillowman. He's my favourite. KATURIAN. Its a bit downbeat, I'll admit. Is your itchy arse alright now? MICHAL. Oh, it was till you reminded me! Arrgh! ) Hmm. But I still can't figure it out. KATURIAN. Figure what out? Figure out "The Pillowman"? MICHAL. No, I thought I'd hidden it really well. KATURIAN. Hidden what really well? MICHAL. The box with the little boy's toes in it. I thought I'd hidden it really well. I mean, first I'd put it under all my socks and pants in the drawer, which, alright, wasn't very well hid, but then when they started to smell I hid 'em under the dirt in the Christmas tree pot in the attic, 'cos I knew we wouldn't be getting the Christmas tree pot out again for ages.

Is he in prison? ARIEL. Shh shh shh, I'm trying to concentrate ... TUPOLSKI. He's not in prison, no. ARIEL. What did I just actually say? KATURIAN. They never arrested him? TUPOLSKI. They couldn't arrest him. ARIEL. Tupolski! It would be very bad for all concerned to continue with this ... with this line of conversation. TUPOLSKI. I have a dreadful feeling you're right. ARIEL. So I will just connect this last electrode up here, and I will just connect this last electrode up here ... KATURIAN.

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