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By Pedro Calderón de la Barca

OFS Scripts = scripts offered through the Oregon Shakespeare competition through the play's theatrical run

translation by means of Laird Williamson; script from Oregon Shakespeare Festival's 2001 production

One of the best dramatists of Spain's Golden Age, it's a pity that Calderon doesn't appear to be to be had at the tracker. this is might be his top recognized work.

From Wikipedia:
Life Is a Dream (Spanish: los angeles vida es sueño) is a Spanish-language play via Pedro Calderón de l. a. Barca. First released in 1635 (or almost certainly early in 1636), it's a philosophical allegory in regards to the human state of affairs and the secret of existence. The play has been defined as "the superb instance of Spanish Golden Age drama". the tale makes a speciality of the fictitious Segismundo, Prince of Poland, who has been imprisoned in a tower by way of his father, King Basilio, following a dire prophecy that the prince may carry catastrophe to the rustic and demise to the King. Basilio in short frees Segismundo, but if the prince is going on a rampage, the king imprisons him back, persuading him that it was once all a dream.

The play's relevant subject is the clash among loose will and destiny. It continues to be one in every of Calderón's best-known and so much studied works. different subject matters contain desires vs. fact and the clash among father and son. The play has been tailored for different level works, in movie and as a unique.

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I madly thought that I would be the master and that time would be my slave. My charts and plots and grids and guides would form the intricately woven net in which I would ensnare the enigmas of the brooding future — Make it speak to me. Make it finally reveal how and why the universe exists. Those icy arcs, ellipses, swirling circles, diadems of glimmering firmament, Those perfect burnished spheres, engilded by the sun and softly silvered by the moon, Those traceries of diamonds — Vaulting arches trailing tails of opalescent gems — They all were mine.

It's strange. There's not a thing that I can do. It might go flapping up to amorous Astolfo's ear, to fair Estrella Or to that rickety old geezer King Basilio. And if a thing or two should slip By accident from off my lip — Of what's in store for poor Astolfo The consequences could be awful. And if Estrella then might find— Her servant's really—Never mind. Blame it on my mouth. Blame it on my mouth. Blame it on my big, big mouth. CLOTALDO: All right, all right, all right. I understand. I'll see you get a little more to eat.

SEGISMUNDO: What do you know of wild beasts, of mountain caves? Instead of jabbering away on subjects you know nothing of, You might instead content yourself with exercising some restraint on that rebellious wagging tongue of yours — Or else you just might find you have no tongue to wag it from. BASILIO enters accompanied by CLOTALDO and GUARDS. 53 BASILIO: What is going on? ALL: Stay back, my lord, the prince has — Go no further, sire. He's lost his mind. He'll kill us all. BASILIO: What is happening here?

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