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21, since the function f(VG, V) is fixed by technological parameters, the drain current only depends on the source and drain voltages, and on the transistor aspect ratio W/L. This property allows to implement linear current division circuits using only MOS transistors, which act as pseudo-resistors. Although their characteristics are not linear, they can perform a linear current division, which is explained here on the basis of figure 31. Chapter 3: Digital compensation circuits 43 -Qi A Va Vb V VP Figure 30.

By creating duplicate codes, the full scale is reduced, and consequently also the resolution. 5 converter (figure 25) for instance, the full-scale of this 4 bits DAC is about 8, which is only half of an equivalent radix-2 converter (figure 18). The 4 bits sub-binary converter has only 3 bits of resolution. The extra bit creates code redundancies. 13). Although it is more restrictive than required, it is easy to translate into a circuit condition. 12) where ri is the “local” radix of stage i. 13) Chapter 3: Digital compensation circuits 35 Eventually, the radix ri at a given stage can also be slightly higher than 2, but only if the remaining radixes of the less significant bits are sufficiently low (and some of them strictly lower than 2).

8) This is achieved by inverting all the bits and the decision in the algorithm. As a result, the reverse successive approximations algorithm (figure 22) is obtained. 30 Digital Calibration of Analog Circuits and Systems set all di = 1 for i = n downto 1 reset di = 1 if Cout < 0 set di = 1 end if end for Figure 22. 3 still applies to this modified algorithm, guaranteing that the maximum distance to the ideal value is 1 LSB. Figure 23 and table 3 show the execution of this modified algorithm. 14 DAC output value 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 0 1 2 3 4 Algorithm step 5 Figure 23.

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