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By Robin Barrow

This ebook offers and argues for an ethical idea which pulls on lots of the significant theoretical positions to a point, however it additionally spells out the boundaries and bounds of an ethical concept. In doing so, it exposes a few universal confusions and misunderstandings approximately morality, and provides a powerful argument for a few undeniable truths relating to the ethical sphere. Divided into 4 components, the e-book covers the main matters inside ethical philosophy: part one presents a lucid and strong account of the character and bounds of ethical conception, sharply distinguishing it from faith part two outlines a good ethical thought via exploring the defining rules of morality and the explanations for being ethical part three distinguishes ethical values from others similar to ecological, healthiness and protection and sexual values part four is anxious with the consequences of our ethical knowing for ethical schooling. whereas this booklet concentrates on argument and concepts, a observation to every bankruptcy presents ancient context and modern reference issues. it's going to turn out a useful source for college students of either schooling and Philosophy.

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One variant claims that what is taken to be moral, what is generally regarded as good, is simply behaviour that suits the powers-that-be, whoever they may be. This argument, however, does not ground or justify morality so much as deny it. It amounts to saying that rules about not telling lies, not stealing, and so on are useful to the rulers and have no other sanction, the consequence of which view must be that, if you can get away with it, you may as well break the rules. In saying that the view denies morality, I am not suggesting that it can therefore ipso facto be rejected.

One culture finds stoning adulterers to death morally shocking, another finds it morally incumbent. Within the same culture some think animal vivisection is morally defensible, others think it morally defensible to harm, even kill, people who are associated with vivisection. Some members of the same family or circle of friends support abortion as morally acceptable, others regard it as morally indefensible. But, if disagreement is the most striking difficulty, the more insidious danger, and ultimately the most worrying, is that many people feel that there is no grounding for morality.

The question of whether homosexuality is natural or not, for example, is sometimes treated as the question of whether it is genetically based. It can hardly be argued that it is natural in the sense of universal, in the way that some maintain a sense of self-interest is natural in that everybody has it, but sometimes it is argued that homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality inasmuch as both are equally a matter of choice or, on another view, equally a matter of response to environment. Then again, it is sometimes seen as a question of whether homosexuality, regardless of how it comes about, is as valid a ‘norm’ as heterosexuality, which comes close to treating ‘natural’ as a synonym for ‘morally acceptable’.

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