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By Alan Bennett

A suite of 4 Alan Bennett performs, with an advent through the writer which describes the heritage to their writing and function.

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Don Juan in Soho: After Molière

The notorious, amoral hedonist in a society entranced via sensation. Moliere's farcical, tragic, anarchic Don Juan (1665) is the muse for Patrick Marber's new play within which the motion of the unique is relocated to give day Soho, London.

Whereas Moliere condemned his anti-hero to a literal Hell, Marber condemns him to a hell of his personal making.

Don Juan in Soho premiered on the Donmar Warehouse in December 2006.

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Sept rois marchent sur Thèbes pendant que dans los angeles ville on se prépare pour une guerre que l’on croit perdue d’avance (Les Sept contre Thèbes). Les cinquante filles de Danaos demandent shelter et security au roi d’Argos (Les Suppliantes). Oreste venge son père Agamemnon, tué par sa mère Clytemnestre (L’Orestie)… Guerre, vengeance, coups du destin : tels sont les tourments que dépeignent les sept tragédies d’Eschyle qui sont parvenues jusqu’aujourd’hui.

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Here are some samples of Shakespeare establishing the scene:This is Illyria, lady. 2) Well, this is the Forest of Arden. 14) This castle has a pleasant seat; the air Nimbly and sweetly recommends itself Unto our gentle senses. 1-3) The west yet glimmers with some streaks of day. 5) Sometimes a speech will go far beyond evoking the minimal setting of place and time, and will, so to speak, evoke the social world in which the characters move. For instance, early in the first scene of The Merchant of Venice Salerio suggests an explanation for Antonio’s melancholy.

Pronouns: The greatest change was in pronouns. In Middle English thou, thy, and thee were used among familiars and in speaking to children and inferiors; ye, your, and you were used in speaking to superiors (servants to masters, nobles to the king) or to equals with whom the speaker was not familiar. Increasingly the “polite” forms were used in all direct address, regardless of rank, and the accusative you displaced the nominative ye. Shakespeare sometimes uses ye instead of you, but even in Shakespeare’s day ye was archaic, and it occurs mostly in rhetorical appeals.

The facts should, however, be distinguished from the legends. The latter, inevitably more engaging and better known, tell us that the Stratford boy killed a calf in high style, poached deer and rabbits, and was forced to flee to London, where he held horses outside a playhouse. These traditions are only traditions; they may be true, but no evidence supports them, and it is well to stick to the facts. Mary Arden, the dramatist’s mother, was the daughter of a substantial landowner; about 1557 she married John Shakespeare, a tanner, glove-maker, and trader in wool, grain, and other farm commodities.

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