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7 See also BVerfGE 65, 1 (42). 3 24 M. Schuldt et al. environment is increasing exponentially. The virtual world is becoming more strongly interconnected with the real world. The individual will no longer be able to escape from data processing [14]. On the contrary, he is increasingly dependent on its use. 9 Merely as a result of access to a system unauthorised persons can obtain detailed information about the user. For this reason too there are possibly dangerous sideeffects regarding the behaviour of the system users.

Despite we are aware of the fact that trust building is a dynamic process, the focus on initial trust can be justified using two reasons [69]. First, when users interact with a UC system they are not familiar with, their perceptions of uncertainty and risk about using the system are especially salient [41]. Consequently, sufficient initial trust is needed to overcome these perceptions. Although trust research has shown that initial trust beliefs may change over time [42, 54], users will first rely on initial trust to determine the extent to which future interactions will take place [29, 41].

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