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And Mosbach, K. The synthesis of Three AMP"Analogues and their Application as General Ligands in Biospecific Affinity Chromatography, Eur. J. Biochem. ^ 7 , 8l (197*0· 15· Trayer, I. P. and Trayer, H. Affinity Chromatography of Nicotinamide Nucleotide~Dependent Dehydrogenases on Immobilised Nucleotide Derivatives, Biochem. J. 1^1, 775 (197*0· 16. , Craven, D. , Harvey, M. , Atkinson, A. G. Affinity Chromatography on Immobilised Nucleotides. Some Applications to the Purification of Thermophilic Dehydrogenases and Kinases, Eur.

IMP Dehydrogenase activity ( - 0 - ) , protein concentration (mg/ml) ( - · - ) and concentration of AMP ( — ♦ —. 5 ml). 46 Christopher R. Lowe with inert protein in the void v o l u m e . In c o n t r a s t , t h e s e enzymes displayed appreciable affinity for the parent i m m o b i l i s e d - A M P adsorbent (Tables 1 and 2) and could be eluted quantitatively with an NADH gradient as e x p e c t e d . On the other hand, IMP d e h y d r o g e n a s e f r o m E . coli binds tightly to I M P - S e p h a r o s e and r e q u i r e s either a p u l s e of 10 mM A M P or a l i n e a r gradient of A M P to effect elution ( F i g .

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