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By Douglas C. Neckers, William S. Jenks, Thomas Wolff

Content material: Hypericin and its perylene quinone analogs : probing constitution, dynamics, and interactions with the surroundings / okay. Das ... [et al.] -- Thiophosgene : a tailored molecule for photochemical and photophysical experiences / David C. Moule, Takashige Fujiwara, and Edward C. Lim -- 1,2-Cycloaddition response of carbonyl compounds and pentaatomic heterocyclic compounds / M.D. D'Auria, L. Emanuele, and R. Racioppi -- the discovery of Dylux instant-access imaging fabrics and the advance of habi chemistry : a private heritage / Rolf Dessauer

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A Critical Review of the 2000 Literature Preceded by Two Chapters on Current Heterocyclic Topics

This quantity of growth in Heterocyclic Chemistry(PHC) is the 13th annual evaluate of the literature, overlaying the paintings released on very important heterocyclic ring structures in the course of 2000. during this quantity there are really good experiences. the 1st, via H. Ila, H. Junjappa and P. ok. Mohanta, covers their paintings on annulation utilizing ∝-oxoketene dithioacetals, a man-made procedure that offers valuable routes to an impressively wide selection of fused heterocycles.

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1, the possible symmetry ELECTRONIC STATES 49 ^ SO are À(Lx) ¼ B2, À(Ly) ¼ B1 and À(Rz) ¼ A2. For a sigrepresentations for H nificant coupling, the matrix elements must have electronic wavefunctions that ÀS bond (z-axis) rotate into each other. Rz transforms as a rotation about the CÀ and creates a coupling element of the type hnj Rz j pi. This operator is said to rotate the n orbital that y-projects from the side of the CS bond to the p (px) ^ SO ) ¼ A2, and for hS2 j ^ SO, À(H out-of-plane orbital.

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