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By Pat Jackson

This memoir is an strange contribution to the heritage of movie and cinema. At its centre is the tale of the making of the British movie vintage Western ways, the 1st tale documentary in Technicolor, absolutely enacted by means of amateurs. It used to be nominated for the simplest movie from any resource Oscar.

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Don Juan in Soho: After Molière

The notorious, amoral hedonist in a society entranced by means of sensation. Moliere's farcical, tragic, anarchic Don Juan (1665) is the foundation for Patrick Marber's new play within which the motion of the unique is relocated to provide day Soho, London.

Whereas Moliere condemned his anti-hero to a literal Hell, Marber condemns him to a hell of his personal making.

Don Juan in Soho premiered on the Donmar Warehouse in December 2006.

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Sept rois marchent sur Thèbes pendant que dans l. a. ville on se prépare pour une guerre que l’on croit perdue d’avance (Les Sept contre Thèbes). Les cinquante filles de Danaos demandent shelter et security au roi d’Argos (Les Suppliantes). Oreste venge son père Agamemnon, tué par sa mère Clytemnestre (L’Orestie)… Guerre, vengeance, coups du destin : tels sont les tourments que dépeignent les sept tragédies d’Eschyle qui sont parvenues jusqu’aujourd’hui.

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I was not quite nineteen and realised how lucky I was to have these experiences and see at first hand how the other man lived with all the hardships involved; to meet these wonderful characters who were the backbone of England. I was very privileged, I realise now, but obviously not sufficiently then. But, alas, the shooting of Night Mail was coming to an end and the final editing took place. My sections, the apparatus van and the sorting office were simple enough. It was R. Q. McNaughton who had the tough part, the second half, for the film seemed to peter out.

Mercifully the pound was uniquely 46 ‘In loco parentis’ strong against the franc, something to do with Leon Blum and the Front Populaire. 0 a week I was able to pay my pension and university and ‘High Life’ cigarettes, aptly named. I bought a ‘bike’ for a pound which took me to and from my lodgings with a wonderful Buscarlet family of Avenue D’Eybens on the Route Napole´on, to the University. Trying to play the role of a student had its humiliations. Grammatical terminology was Greek to me. Indirect objects, subordinate clauses meant nothing.

Whilst Harry was hard at it with North Sea, I was allowed, on my return from Grenoble, to make my first faltering steps as a director. I was to complete a film that Harry had started but had had to lay aside for the more important subject of North Sea. However, as 49 A Retake Please! money had been spent on a film attempting to show how the Accountant General’s Department worked, it had to be finished. D. It was completed and went out under the title of Big Money. Harry is credited with having made it.

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