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This property of concentrating the radiated power is called gain (sometimes called directional gain or directivity) and is determined by the ratio of the field strength or S at a given point to the field strength or S that would exist at the same point from an isotropic radiator radiating the same power. In this case the gain is referenced to an isotropic radiator. The gain of some antennas, particularly linear antennas such as those used for FM and TV broadcasting, may be referenced to a A12 dipole.

The time variation of an electric field at a point in space. A detector fixed a t one point in space would be subject to a function that oscillated with time as the wave passed by. This is similar to an individual standing on the beach and watching a wave go by. The value of the crest of the wave is called the peak value or amplitude of the wave. 13 is 10 V m-'. 13). : The unit of T is second; that o f f is Hz, which is equivalent to cycles per second. 2 ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS / 29 by counting the number of crests (or troughs) that passed by a fixed point in 1s.

The drift of conduction charges is accounted for by a quantity called conductivity. Conductivity is a measure of how much drift occurs for a given applied electric field. A large drift means a high conductivity. For sinusoidal steadystate applied fields, complexpermittivity is defined to account for both dipole charges and conduction-charge drift. 12) E = E,(E' - j E") where (E' - j E") is called the relative permittivity, E' is called the real part and E" is called the imaginary part of the relativepermittiv= E' is also called the dielectric constant.

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