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By R. Malcolm Errington

A heritage of the Hellenistic international presents an enticing examine the Macedonian monarchies within the interval following the reign of Alexander the nice, and examines their effect at the Greek world.
•Offers a sincerely prepared narrative with specific emphasis on nation and governmental structures
•Makes broad use of inscriptions in translation to demonstrate the continued energy of the Greek urban states ahead of the Roman conquest
•Emphasizes the explicit Macedonian origins of all energetic individuals within the construction of the Hellenistic world
•Highlights the relationships among Greek city-states and Macedonian monarchies

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Gasparri). 7 I thank Dyfri Williams for suggesting the figure of Semele as an alternative interpretation for this fragmentary head. 8 For a discussion of the late sources regarding the infancy of Dionysos and the character of the women accompanying the god both as a boy and an adult, see Carpenter 53–59. Also see Diod. Sic. 3, Dion. Hal. 72, and Nonnus, Dion. 12. 9 Cleveland Mus. 142; J. Neils, BClevMus 70, 1983, 274–289. 10 LIMC I (1981) 283–298, esp. v. Aglauros, Herse, Pandrosos (U. Kron). 11 LIMC III (1986) 478 nos.

4 Next is a woman in a chiton who stands in a very elegant pose as she pulls her himation over her shoulder (Fig. 3). The third woman makes a gesture that roughly mirrors those of Athena and the boy. On a lower level between the two standing women is a partially preserved male head wearing an ivy wreath surrounded by large ivy leaves. Two altars placed above the handles flank the scene indicating its sacred character. Fig. 1. Red-figure calyx-krater. Paros, Arch. Museum 3255. 400–380 BC. Delivery of Dionysos to Athena.

Lacking attributes and inscriptions, the first impulse is to identify her as a well-behaved maenad from the Dionysiac thiasos. However, a closer inspection of her garment reveals traces of what could be identified as a gorgoneion decorating her chest, thereby suggesting an identification of the figure with Athena. This hypothesis is further enhanced by the large size of the figure, equal to that of Dionysos, as well as by the object leaning by her side behind an olive branch, which could be a shield instead of a tympanon.

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