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By Matthias Gerner

This can be the 1st sleek grammar of Nuosu written in English. Nuosu belongs to a bit identified portion of Tibeto-Burman. The 2.5 Million ethnic Nuosu are a part of the Yi nationality and stay in Sichuan (China). This grammar informs Tibeto-Burman linguists, typologists, students of language touch and international rookies of Nuosu.

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2 Each grapheme of the Yi system corresponds to one syllable. , the priests conducted a writing reform by rotating the vertical orientation of characters into a horizontal one. For the most populous branch of Yi, the Nuosu of Liángshān prefecture (Sìchuān), the Chinese Government standardized in 1978 a set of 1119 characters. For this set, the orientation of graphemes was reverted to a vertical pattern similar to the one used in ancient times. The systems of other Yi groups were not standardized and differ from the Nuosu system through the ‘reclining’ appearance of graphemes.

20 Language background b. PL here la come sat EXH Layer 1 ox DP Layer 2 ddix. ’ c. SG medicine ndo drink sat EXH Layer 1 go shex HAB Layer 2 hxax. 4 Pragmatics Nuosu exhibits two topic particles, ne communicates maintaining topic and li contrastive topic. Both particles are attached to the sentence-initial NP. (22) a. ’ bur zzur. seem b. ꀊꑱꆹꎃꐚꃅꅇꉉ。 a yit li rrop jji -mu ddop hxip. 3. 1 Consonants Nuosu exhibits 43 consonant phonemes, presented below in the Romanized script (Nuosu Pinyin) and in the International Phonetic Alphabet.

E. *ꃢꈜꋌꅉ *vit gga cy dde clothes wash NOM ‘the place to wash clothes’ ꃢꈜꋋꅉ vit gga cyx dde clothes wash NOM ‘the place to wash clothes’ The last sandhi rule is the result of a dissimilatory process in which the low [21]-tone, not the neutral [33]-tone, switches to the sandhi [44]-tone. (8) a. B). b. ’ d. ’ c. → e. 3 Syllable structure The Nuosu syllable structure is regular and simple. Every syllable is open, has a vowel and a tone. The logographic script (9) a. 31 Nuosu syllable structure: (S)(F)VT S = Stop; F = Fricative; V = Vowel; T = Tone b.

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