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B) Dutch-metal - It contains Cu == 80% Zn == 20% Properties - It is stronger and harder than pure copper but inferior than French gold. Uses - It is mainly used for making cheap jewellery, musical instruments, flexible hoses, name plates, tubes etc. c) 3) a) b) c) German Silver - The approximate composition is Cu = 25-50% Zn = 10-35% Sn == 5-35% Properties - 1. It is extremely ductile, malleable. 2. It possesses good strength and corrosion - resistance. Uses - It is used for making utensils, table wares, bolts, screws, ornaments, cutlery etc.

1. Fe, 2. specific gravities, 3. electropositive, 4. acidic, 5. Cu 2 S 7. gangue, 8. OXljgen, 9. Molten metal, 10. sulphide, 11. ferrous, 12. fusible slag, 13. Magnetic, 14. Pine oil, water, 15. gravity process. Very 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Short Answer Type Questions Define the term 'ore'. Name any two ores of Iron. Define 'slag' with suitable example. What is wrought Iron? Which process is generally used for the beneficiatipn of sulphide ores? Define the term 'gangue'. Which method of metal refining is generally used when a metal of high degree of purify is required?

Aluminum is most abundant in earth crust, yet it is obtained from bauxite because (a) Bauxite is available in large quaninty (b) Of easy extraction of aluminum from it (c) Bauxite contains maximum aluminum (d) Bauxite is les impure. 82. During the extraction of Fe, Slag obtained is (b) FeSi03 (a) FeO (c) MgSio3 (d) Casi0 3 83. The second most abundant element in the universe is (a) Silicon (b) Oxygen (c) Nitrogen' (d) Helium 84. ) I lit;h f,ulisll of m0'c,-,L; <~ccount of /44/ (c) Chemical inestness of metals (d) Reflection of light due to the presence of free electrons 85.

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