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By Sarah Kane

4.48 Psychosis sees the final word narrowing of Sarah Kane's concentration in her paintings. The fight of the self to stay intact has moved in her paintings from civil warfare, into the family members, into the couple, into the person, and eventually into the theatre of phychosis: the brain itself. This play used to be written in 1999 presently prior to the playwright took her personal lifestyles at age 28. at the web page, the piece feels like a poem. No characters are named, or even their quantity is unspecified. it may be a trip via one person's brain, or an interview among a physician and his patient.

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This motivates them to study the anthropological monographs—and exposes gaps in those monographs in so far as these seem to depart from the logic of the dramatic action and interaction they have themselves purported to describe. The actor's "inside view," engendered in and through performance, becomes a powerful critique of how ritual and ceremonial structures are cognitively represented. [Turner and Turner 1982, 33-34] Over the past several years the Turners staged with their students a typical Virginia marriage, the midwinter ceremony of the Mohawk of Canada, an Ndembu girl's puberty rite, and the hamatsa dance of the sacred winter ceremonials of the Kwakiutl.

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Sometimes these actions and stories belong anonymously to folklore, legend, myth. And sometimes they are "original," or at least attributable to individuals: the Hamlet of Shakespeare, the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas, the Oedipus of Sophocles. But what these authors really authored was not the tale itself but a version of something. It's hard to say exactly what qualifies a work to belong to, and come from, a collective. Restored behavior offers to both individuals and groups the chance to rebecome what they once were—or even, and most often, to rebecome what they never were but wish to have been or wish to become.

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