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By Tim Maltin, Eloise Aston

April fifteenth, 2012, would be the a hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

People have an never-ending fascination with the Titanic, but a lot of what they be aware of this day is a mix of truth and fiction. in a single hundred and one short and interesting chapters, Tim Maltin, one of many prime specialists at the gigantic, finds the reality in the back of the commonest ideals concerning the send and the evening it sank. From physics to pictures, court cases to like tales, Maltin doesn't omit one tidbit surrounding its background. seriously researched and full of certain descriptions, charges from survivors, and excerpts from the professional inquiries, this ebook is bound to make readers reconsider every thing they idea they knew in regards to the mythical send and its tragic destiny.

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